My Mission, Should I Choose to Accept it

Check me out! I’m blogging!

Hardly the most original statement this century, but there you go. Through quite a few years of writing I never managed to get into blogging with any more commitment than Twitter posts of questionable enthusiasm, so you might say that I have come very late to this party. Like so many things, it was just something that got put off.

Why now? I guess I’ve been uprooted, both from my usual turf and from the people who used to take me to task if I wasn’t writing. So in an effort to banish the Failure-to-Self-Motivate Demon, I’ve set up this little string of e-scrip. I’ll try and give you something new at least once a week. Hopefully the threat of disappointing an internet readership, real or imaginary (you know who you are) will keep me motivated to keep the old brain cogs greased.

So what to expect? In summary I’d say fiction, odds and ends of roleplaying game discussion, and little articles that are probably better dubbed musings for their not linking to any research beyond a strange media osmosis. I’ll try and keep them nice and separate, though keep in mind this a first attempt, so it may be that WordPress and I won’t get along.

I’ll tell you how it goes.


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