My Australia Day Special

This is something I made for Australia Day.

You know those times when you promise somebody something, and the next morning you wake up with a smoking gun and no alibi?

Well, this experience was not particularly like that. Not at all, in the literal details. This half arsed roleplaying game grew out of a joke that led to my promising a friend that I’d have it ready for the upcoming Australia Day. Don’t know if he even remembers.  Anyway, here’s the finished product, and I use both terms loosely. I have learned that I’m an alright writer, poor artist, and lack in both skill and software when it comes to pdf editing. Nonetheless, I made something.

Now, an Australia Day comedy roleplaying game written by an anarchist historiography enthusiast about a country that keeps telling him to “love it or leave it” is naturally going to be a pretty strange beast. I have endeavoured to push no agenda, and present a wacky of view of what my country of birth might be, could be, or maybe was once before anyone alive today remembers. I can’t speak as to the Kahlua’s agenda.

ALSO: Serious course language warning on this one guys. Just so you know.

Australia Day

Best wishes everybody. I might have a little “sample adventure” up in a couple of days. You might even find me filling this blog with a play report. We shall see.

Happy Day Off.

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