Radical Reinterpretation

Your in Amsterdam, you get art. Some of it goes to pretty scary places, admittedly. We find this little girl in an underpass where homeless people were understandably reluctant to shelter (there was an abandoned pair of boots on a pillar, but I wasn’t sure if they were meant to symbolise something).


She’s just hanging around in a tangle of gremlins imprisoned in leafy vine tentacles. Her little clown doll is a tad weird, but she seems fairly sedate in her portal. I mean, she’s covered in pigeon crap, but I guess that’s an occupational hazard.

Then again, there is this spooky creature inhabiting the wall of our hostel.

Just a painting, and stalking centre gremlin kinda looks like her clown. So… that connection kind of makes the whole image a whole lot worse.

Then again, neither of them really hold a candle to get brother.


Who somebody decided to give a Crow makeover. So there’s that.

No, this post doesn’t really have a point. Just figured I’d give y’all some of my holiday snaps. Funny the connections you find.

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