Still Running. From Zombies.

This is not quite a review. Its more of a plug, or even a vague mention for something I like. Hell, with their hundreds of thousands of followers I don’t think they really need the help of my tiny blog and its tiny cohort of imaginary readers.

For those of you looking to get into running, the app is called Zombies, Run! It was developed by a company called Six to Start, and is a fantastic combination of radio theater, fitness encouragement and addictive behaviour exploitation. I believe its on both Google Play and the other one.

Anyway, this program has been working for me really well, and I mean better than any other futile attempt I’ve made at improving my cardio. The first part of that, I think, is that I love radio theater, and I especially love the revival that its undergone with the fairly recent Renaissance of podcasting. This one is really good; not ostentatious by any means, but you get a group of distinctive characters who tell a really intriguing story from beyond the end of civilization. It moves flawlessly between zombie-chase panic to calmer moments of intrigue and paranoia that unfold between Runners, the scavengers and couriers of a post-apocalyptic settlement.

So the story is great. But for me, I think its the acquisition of non-existent resources that gives this little piece of kit its psychological force. Alongside the story it tells, and letting you set your own playlist while you run, the app contains a little mini-game. By having you “collect” odds and ends during your runs, you are able to repair and improve your little hamlet. When imaginary people are relying on you, it can be a strangely effective motivator.

A bit like this blog really.

Anyway, if you get the chance, I recommend you check it out. Well worth the few dollars it’ll cost you.

Though I will admit that there is at least one hill around here that makes my heart want to tear itself out of my ribcage… but that’s fitness…


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